Pre-Natal Consultation

Before the Birth of Your Child…

We encourage new parents to schedule a pre-natal visit with a Jefferson Pediatrics physician prior to the delivery of their child. This visit enables the doctor to greet and answer any questions the family might have regarding the care provided at the office and topics revolving around the upcoming delivery of the child. We generally schedule these visits during or around our lunch hour, but they can be arranged in advance at the beginning or end of the day.

During the pre-natal visit, we will cover a variety of medical topics and provide you with an opportunity to ask the doctor questions about the pending birth of your child. We encourage both parents/guardians of the child to attend the visit. We will introduce you to our facilities, our staff, the ease of getting in and out of the office, and talk about some of the policies related to sick versus well children.

Other topics covered in the pre-natal visit are breast-vs-bottle feeding, different insurance coverage options, sick-vs-well patient visits, what is a newborn “routine,” and any other questions you may have. The goal of the consultation is to help ease the minds of pending new parents. We want to communicate with you and help make you feel comfortable with Jefferson Pediatrics. We are here to help take the fear out of the process for you.

There is no charge for a pre-natal consultation.

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