Lab & Radiological Services

Locating Lab Specialists & Radiology Services

From time to time, a physician may order lab tests or a radiological screening for a patient. For outpatient x-ray services, we often refer patients to Metro Imaging, which is located near the Jefferson Pediatrics office and provides timely service for our patients. We also refer to St. Anthony’s Medical Center Outpatient Radiology if Metro Imaging does not accept a patient’s insurance.

If a physician requests the expertise of a pediatric radiologist, we refer our patients to the radiologists at Cardinal Glennon Medical Center.

We generally use Quest Diagnostics if lab work is required for any of our patients. For lab work taken from a patient while in our office, a courier will pick up these “labs” at the end of the day. Within the Jefferson Pediatrics office, we can conduct many tests on site such as rapid strep throat testing, rapid mono, urinalysis, flu, and RSV testing. We also have machines to screen vision as early as 6 months of age, and we evaluate for fluid in the middle ear with a tympanogram.