Location & Contact

Jefferson Pediatrics is Located in Jefferson County near St. Louis, Missouri





      Office Location:

      Jefferson Pediatrics
      1765 Old HiWay 21
      Arnold, MO 63010

      Office Phone: 636.296.4466

      Office staff answers calls during business hours. Our electronic medical records system allows staff to make appointments and discuss non-medical issues at the time of the call. Medical issues are referred to the physicians who will return calls later the same day. Patients with appointments are our physicians’ first priority, however, our staff will interrupt physicians between scheduled patients for medically urgent matters.

      To speak with our staff about scheduling an appointment, please call at these times:

      Monday – Friday

      • 8 a.m. – noon
      • 1 p.m. – 5 p.m.

      Some Saturdays (schedule varies)

      • 8 a.m. – noon

      If you have an urgent matter after hours or during lunch, you may call the office phone number at any time to page Jefferson Pediatrics physicians on call.

      To page the doctor, call the main office and listen to the entire message before you select the appropriate menu option. The message will instruct you to leave your callback number. To do so:

      1. Wait for the beep.
      2. Carefully punch in each digit of your phone number including area code.
      3. Press the pound sign (#).

      If you are not sure that the complete correct number was entered successfully, please call back and repeat the process. We can only return calls with a completed phone number on the page. If you do not receive a returned phone call within 30 minutes, please page us again. Since we often make calls from a blocked phone number, be sure your phone accepts blocked numbers. Also, please be sure to answer blocked call numbers after you page us.