Phreesia Makes Patient Registration Even Easier


In the summer of 2013, we began using the Phreesia pad for registering our patients at Jefferson Pediatrics.  Upon check-in at the office, each person registering a patient will receive a small tablet about the size of an iPad.

There are numerous advantages for patients when they use this device for registration. First, using the Phreesia pad enables patients and families to sign in while sitting in the privacy of their chairs in the waiting room.  Insurance co-payments made with debit/credit cards can be swiped directly on the Phreesia pad (other payment methods are also possible). If interested, patients can choose to make a payment plan and spread out payments over time.

A patient’s demographic information is updated on the pad — very important when a Jefferson Pediatrics physician is trying to reach you.  The information collected from the Phreesia pad is then is directly and securely transferred to an electronic record in our system. Soon we hope to be able to enter more clinically relevant data onto the record as well.