COPE Program

A Residency Program for Aspiring Pediatricians

Cope-Baszis-2014aJefferson Pediatrics participates in the Community Outpatient Practice Experience (COPE) program with resident physicians.

The COPE program at St. Louis Children’s Hospital and Washington University pairs pediatric residents with practicing pediatricians in the community for one half day per week through their three years of residency. The program enables the pediatric residents to develop their skills in continuity of care, management of common pediatric problems, longitudinal care of chronic illnesses, anticipatory guidance, and behavioral and developmental pediatrics.

Pairing residents with practicing clinical “preceptors” (physicians), provides an ideal setting for them to gain first-hand experience in the practice environment, often gaining insights into issues such as management of telephone calls, scheduling patient visits and the business aspects of the practice.

Currently, more than 100 pediatricians participate in the program as COPE preceptors, including doctors Cross and Vedova of Jefferson Pediatrics.