Health Careers Scholarship

Supporting Academic Pursuits for Students of Jefferson County

For a number of years, Jefferson Pediatrics has offered a cash scholarship to graduating seniors of both of the Fox School District High Schools: Fox and Seckman High Schools.  The recipients of these awards are chosen by the advisory staff of the respective high schools.  The names of the recipients are listed below.  Although the awards were suspended during the time of the economic slowdown in 2009, the awards are scheduled to resume in 2014.

Past Winners: Seckman High School

  • 2003 – Meaghan Herrell
  • 2004 – Ashley Warren
  • 2005 – Kathryn Kuehn
  • 2006 – Joseph Deak (pursuing pre-med at St. Louis University)
  • 2007 – Angela Stotler
  • 2008 – Paige Champaign

Past Winners: Fox High School

  • 2005 – Nathan Thornton (University of Missouri at Kansas City)
  • 2006 – Sarah Estopare (pursuing physical therapy)
  • 2007 – Tara Glore (pursuing speech pathology)
  • 2008 – Tara Firle (pursuing nursing at Southeast Missouri State University)