Headed Outside This Winter? Remember Winter Sports Safety November 3, 2013 - As we head into winter with snow, it is a good time to remember now how important it is to wear head gear/helmets when sledding. 
Buckle Up — Not Just This Fall, but All the Time! November 3, 2013 - With the onset of fall and winter inclement weather, it is a good time to review the guidelines for seatbelt use. Seatbelt safety is a cornerstone of child safety that has become ingrained in American culture. Childhood and infant mortality has dropped since parents began following recommendations to keep infants and small children in the back […]
Influenza Season is Around the Corner: Prepare Now November 3, 2013 - Every fall Jefferson Pediatrics participates in one of the most important and effective disease prevention programs at our disposal, the influenza immunization program.  The flu is a significant respiratory illness that comes every year, beginning in December or January, and lasting into March or April.  The flu virus is notorious for changing itself from year […]
Phreesia Makes Patient Registration Even Easier August 3, 2013 - In the summer of 2013, we began using the Phreesia pad for registering our patients at Jefferson Pediatrics.  Upon check-in at the office, each person registering a patient will receive a small tablet about the size of an iPad. There are numerous advantages for patients when they use this device for registration. First, using the […]
Electronic Medical Records Now Implemented January 26, 2012 - On November 1, 2011 we completed our implementation of eClinicalWorks, our electronic medical record system as a means of streamlining patient documentation within our practice and maintaining the forward-thinking position of the practice.  The new medical records have helped our patients in many ways: We are able (in most cases) to ‘e-prescribe’ our medications, which […]