If you have a life-threatening emergency, call 911 immediately or proceed to the nearest emergency room.

For other urgent issues, please follow this protocol:

  1. If your medical issues cannot wait until the next day, please contact us prior to going to the Emergency Room for any non life-threatening emergencies. We counsel against going to facilities that do not have pediatricians, specifically walk in clinics such as Walgreen’s and Urgent Cares. 
  2. To contact the physician on-call, simply call the office phone number (636) 296-4466 and follow the prompts on the phone message:
  • Press 1 to contact the on call physician, then press 1 again to leave the call back number by touch tone, not verbally
  • After the short delay and series of beeps, then press #.
  • Pressing # is very important. You should hear the phrase, “Thank you for using American Messaging”